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Comprehensive Environmental Permitting

Customers know they can always turn to NATIVEtec in Florida for all of their environmental permitting services. Allow us to survey your land or site to identify sensitive resource areas. We also provide all documentation and required forms that address project permitting.

- Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessment
- Groundwater monitoring
- Soil evaluation

Working for You

At our company, we attend meetings and present our survey findings. We prepare plans through regulatory agencies, and our permitting plans allow for contractor construction bidding. Individuals that benefit from our services include real estate development companies, architects, engineers, and community development departments within cities, towns, and states.

Wetland Restoration in Plaistow, NH

Our role in this project was to research the pre-exisiting, altered wetlands that existed on the site, create a weetlands restoration plan and finally supervise the construction of the project. We then monitored the project for compliance with e NH Department of Environmental Services. The project's design began in 1995, and completed April 8, 1996. Nativetec recieved a merit award from the Boston Society of Landscape Architecture in 2000

Wetland Restoration Large Scale Wetland Restoration Lake

This large scale Wetland Restoration entailed diverting an existing altered stream into an existing Wetland. The first stage of this project was determining the area of the Wetlands before any alteration had occurred. We first augured to the depth of peat to reveal the pre-existing Wetland based on the soil composition below grade. The old Wetland was surrounded on three sides by Speckled Alder, Red Maple, Cinnamon Fern, Blue Grass and Reed Canary Grass. To determine what was part of the pre-existing Wetland and when the alteration occurred we needed to use some other techniques. We cored the Black Locust trees to determine their age and researched past and present aerial photography to determine when the alteration had occurred, and under whose ownership. Now we knew what the Wetland was like before any alteration had occurred, our next task was to restore and recreate it. We devised a plan based on all the information we had acquired about the pre-alteration state of the Wetlands. The existing stream was diverted into the Wetlands to provide the necessary moisture that had been lost when the Wetland was altered. We planted wetland species that were present in the Wetlands both before and after the alteration.

Mangrove Trimming Inspection

Robert Marini was the first licensed mangrove trimming specialist licensed in the City of Sanibel in 1995 and continues to oversee Mangrove protection as dictated within Florida and by the DEP, the Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE) and Sout Florida Water Management District (SFWMD).

Mangrove Trimming Inspection Mangrove Trimming Canoe Ramp