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Registered Landscape Architects of Massachusetts

New England

Brighton Streetscape-Tremont, Washington, and Cambridge Streets

Our role in this project was to create a streetscape design for the City of Boston. The project's design began in 1994 and continued over a ten year period.

Heading west on Cambridge St. to Washington St. at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital the project turns right. Here a clock was recently dedicated within raised planters with Columnar Oaks and dense Greenwave Junipers. Dual acorn lights on mast arms accommodate the broadened layout and announce the Commercial District. This part of the project required a continuous landscape treatment within the entire cross section. Custom designed tree and access grates were connected by an elaborate watering loop within structural soil.

Landscape Traffic Circle Brighton Street

Landmark Square Apartments, 75 Peterborough Street Fenway, Boston

Our role in this project was to design all the landscaping outside the apartment building in the courtyards and the streetscape. The Architects were responsible for designing the building and the underground parking garage. The Engineers were responsible for all structural work involving the building and garage.

Landmark Landmark Square Landmark Square Apartments

Weymouth Civic Center

Weymouth Civic Center Restoration is a project to restore and improve the site in keeping with the original concept of this commemorative town center. At the heart of the Civic Center is the Veteran’s Memorial Wall and Ralph Talbot Amphitheater. The wall serves as the accent piece of the Civic Center with all other features radiating out. The memorial is unique in Massachusetts in that all veterans are named who served in times of conflict. Memorials go back to the French and Indian War and are current through the Vietnam era.

Weymouth Civic Center Civic Center Town Center

Veteran’s Memorial Wall

Florida Landscape Architectue

State Road 80 (Palm Beach Blvd.)

Between the Fort Myers city limits and Orange River Blvd., was designed in accordance with Florida D.O.T. standards. Palm trees line the side of the road to forrm a gateway at I-75. We also designed two landscaped and irigated islands and landscaped pockets at the juction of I-75 landscaped pocket at State Road 80 junction of I-75.

State Road 80 Palm Beach Blvd. Palm Trees

Landscape Plan for Multi-Family Unit Development

Entrance to multi-family community promote an identity to the property. Unit Entrance planting will mature to keep the architecture in scale. Waterway Pointe and Villas at Waterside are two abutting properties planted in 1998 and 99' in Marco Island Florida.

Multi-Family Unit Development Landscape Plan for Multi-Family Unit

Lee and Collier County Landscape Plans

Apartment complex landscape plan in Fort Myers that we designed in conformity with Lee County landscape code where we also specified a complete, detailed irrigation plan.

Lee and Collier County Landscape Plans

College Pointe Apartments

A large scale apartment complex of College Ave. in Lee County that we worked on in association with Bean, Whitaker, Lutz & Barnes, now BWL & Kareh. We provided all landscape architectural services for the project including a landscape plan to meet Lee County Landscape Code. We planned all the stormwater detention lakes and are conducting inspections for certificates of compliance. This project involved over a year of collaboration with the engineers at BWLK and is currently under construction.

College Pointe Apartments Plan

College Pointe Apartments Lake