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Affordable Civil Engineering & Site Plan Reviews

At NativeTEC, we provide site plan reviewing services. This involves local, county, and state agents reviewing plans to make sure they conform to any regulations. Robert Marini is a registered Professional Engineer in Massachusetts.


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50 North Warren Street, Wodburn, MA

The project above demonstrates the type of civil engineering work NativeTEC is hired to conduct through the New England area. The project's goal at 50 North Warren St. was to provide city of Wodburn Department of Public Works stormwater and managment plans for the selected site. A Total Suspended Solids worksheet is pictured above to see which method of containment is best suited for catching different types of sediment being washed away with the runoff.

50 North Warren Street

Sudbury River Estates: Cluster Subdivision

This project demonstrates civil engineering work and a landscape preservation development located in Hopkinton, Massachusetts.

Civil Engineering Work

Landscape Preservation Development